Frontend changeLog v1.05

During the course of development several issues have been resolved in the current implementation of the frontend. Here is the changeLog for the new version available under ““.

ChangeLog v1.05:

  • Bug fixes:
  • save user query resulted in connection error
  • query language was not persisted to query object upon saving
  • constant request polling
  • headline with query and total number of results in match view was hidden
  • show total number of page results in match view
  • bootstrap communication with backend service was executed per request
  • annotation links in match did not line break upon page resize
  • display of morphological information in a table per foundry and match
  • quick search is disabled by default now (but can be enabled in KorAPPreferences)
  • save current query is directly persisted to database
  • predefined collections are no longer statically loaded, but integrated with the policy service. Thus, if a user does not match the available policies for the collection, the collection is not returned. Result: only accessible collections are displayed in the frontend.

KorAP alpha open for testing

The test version of KorAP is now open for IDS-internal access only, through the “demo” profile, linked right below the “Login” button, at

Please note that, for the time being, we can only serve a limited portion of DeReKo data, available to non-authenticated users. The preferred browser to use is Firefox. The frontend has also been tested with Safari. Old versions of Internet Explorer will surely not work well with it.

As you can image, at the moment we are aware of the most critical bugs, but we welcome all feedback, big and small. Bug report forms are available from inside the test version, by clicking the “Kontakt” link.


the KorAP Team

Farewell and welcome

Last month, with sadness, we said goodbye to Carsten, who has moved to another job and another country — best of luck, Carsten, and thank you for the wonderful job that you have done for KorAP!

We have also temporarily “lost” Elena, for an utterly joyful personal reason — we’re keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the good news! Elena is scheduled to come back to work on the frontend and to provide her very valuable assistance in the development of ISO CQLF, at the beginning of October.

It is with utmost pleasure that I would like to welcome three new members of our team, who have joined the project at the beginning of June:

  • Piotr Pęzik, who has taken it upon himself to develop an alternative backend (recall: KorA is a modular beast), based on a nifty amalgamate of Lucene and Neo4J,
  • Nils Diewald, who has taken over a large part of Carsten’s backend duties together with a part of Elena’s frontend responsibilities as well,
  • Joachim Bingel, who has co-operated with us in the past and is now returning to temporarily fill in for part of Elena’s role.

And since I’m on the topic of roles and responsibilities, let me mention the ongoing contributions of Michael Hanl, who works, among others, on the issues of authorization, data access, and user management.

Altogether, I’m honoured to be working (or, in Carsten’s case, to have worked) with such a splendid team — thank you, everyone! 🙂