KorAP alpha open for testing

The test version of KorAP is now open for IDS-internal access only, through the “demo” profile, linked right below the “Login” button, at http://korap.ids-mannheim.de/app

Please note that, for the time being, we can only serve a limited portion of DeReKo data, available to non-authenticated users. The preferred browser to use is Firefox. The frontend has also been tested with Safari. Old versions of Internet Explorer will surely not work well with it.

As you can image, at the moment we are aware of the most critical bugs, but we welcome all feedback, big and small. Bug report forms are available from inside the test version, by clicking the “Kontakt” link.


the KorAP Team

Entering the alpha-testing phase

Dear Colleagues,

We are now in the process of establishing the internal address and the way to serve KorAP within the IDS. We should be done with the relevant details in the afternoon evening.

The slides will also be published here, after we have addressed some of the issues that have appeared in the question period.

Best regards,

Piotr Banski (for the Team)