Frontend changeLog v1.05

During the course of development several issues have been resolved in the current implementation of the frontend. Here is the changeLog for the new version available under ““.

ChangeLog v1.05:

  • Bug fixes:
  • save user query resulted in connection error
  • query language was not persisted to query object upon saving
  • constant request polling
  • headline with query and total number of results in match view was hidden
  • show total number of page results in match view
  • bootstrap communication with backend service was executed per request
  • annotation links in match did not line break upon page resize
  • display of morphological information in a table per foundry and match
  • quick search is disabled by default now (but can be enabled in KorAPPreferences)
  • save current query is directly persisted to database
  • predefined collections are no longer statically loaded, but integrated with the policy service. Thus, if a user does not match the available policies for the collection, the collection is not returned. Result: only accessible collections are displayed in the frontend.

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