ChangeLog v1.07

A new version of KorAP is available for testing.

Changes involve:

  • bug fix for password reset functions
  • enable collection views to display meta information about virtual collection
  • bug fix to display of meta query for newly created virtual collections
  • serialization of access control policy for virtual collections
  • performance enhancement for login operation
  • KWIC view meta data is only displayed if available
  • document id meta data entry for matches
  • display statistical information about the virtual collection in information panel
  • enabled CQL query language in query language menu.

ChangeLog KorAP REST service

Backend service update to version 1.3; several bug fixes and updates mostly under the hood. These updates include:

  • integration of the query rewrite system for user settings (more on this issue can be found in our LREC-2014 contribution),
  • public service integration for CQL (CLARIN Infrastructure) query end point.


One substantial update concerns the import of COSMAS2 user account data. Users can now login via their COSMAS2 account credentials.