ChangeLog v1.078 GUI, v1.48 Rest Service

A new version is available that contains minor changes and bug fixes:

  • bug fix for user query saving/retrieval/update
  • bug fix for KWIC-view zoom
  • virtual collection definition view zoom behaviour adjustment
  • more lightweight use of components to enhance performance and minimize memory consumption
  • HTML injection check for user-sensitive input fields
  • encoding fix for German localization messages.

ChangeLog v1.077 GUI, v1.46 Rest Service

Among general performance updates, the current release includes a new feature provided by Piotr Pęzik’s Neo4j backend.

User interface updates:

  •   Collocation Analysis module accessible via “Search Tools” –> “Collocation Analysis”. Cf. also KorAP’s FAQ and our YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to retrieve collocation information (cf.
  • CSS/visual updates to adjust for different screens resolutions
  • KorAP Preference property to disable collection of private usage information

REST service updates:

  • GET function for collocation (Neo4j Backend)
  • HTTP parameter updates
  • self-contained (state-less) authentication alternative
  • Serialization API bug fixes
  • Performance improvements