ChangeLog v1.082 GUI, v1.50 Rest Service

New versions of KorAP’s backend and frontend application have been made accessible for users connecting from within the IDS network.

Service version: 1.50
Frontend version: 1.082

Apart from layout changes for definition of virtual collections, changes also include minor CSS updates, service bug fixes, as well as a new API release of version 0.1.

The example queries, accessible via the User Query menu at several points in the user interface, now include better descriptions and updates for Poliqarp, CQL and COSMAS2 queries.

Layout changes:

  • scrolling bar flickering during loading,
  • simplification to a framed panel view for definition of virtual collection,
  • page status preserved during browser refresh.

Bug fixes:

  • bug fix where cache entry overrides existing virtual collections,
  • unsearchable virtual collections in the demo mode (Queries could not be posted on Virtual collections that the user defined during a demo session of KorAP),
  • False API endpoint use in the frontend for deletion of virtual collections

General updates:

  • performance improvements for database access,
  • API update to v0.1.
  • Access KorAP via a secure connection (SSL)

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