DeReKo transformation and KorAP development

In the current stage of development, several corpus archives of the current release candidate of DeReKo (2014-II), prepared by Marc Kupietz, have been transformed and annotated to work with the next release of the search engines of KorAP.

  • Wikipedia (2013 release)
  • Goethes Werke
  • Bonner Zeitungskorpus

Further archives are in planning and progress.

New versions of KorAP’s backend and frontend application have been made accessible for users connecting from within the IDS network.

Service version: 1.51
Frontend version: 1.083

Updates include several stability bug fixes as well as a further integration with a second search engine option to generate KWIC results, developed by Piotr Pęzik based on Neo4j. This feature is currently only available via API access, but will be made available via the user interface in the next release of the frontend version.

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