Kalamar – User Frontend released on GitHub!

Mojolicious-based Frontend to KorAP

We are happy to announce the open source release of Kalamar, the Mojolicious-based frontend for KorAP!

Kalamar is written in Perl and JavaScript, acts as a proof-of-concept for the KorAP API, and provides, among other features, …

  • aligned KWIC views,
  • multiple highlighting,
  • table views of morphological annotations,
  • tree views of hierarchical annotations,
  • localization,
  • a language-independent query helper for multiple tag sets,
  • and an embedded and interactive documentation!


Expect more features to come! You can already use Kalamar from inside the IDS and download the sources from GitHub.

EDIT: The IDS-Instance of KorAP is currently not accessible from outside the IDS.

3 thoughts on “Kalamar – User Frontend released on GitHub!

  1. Hi guys,

    I would really like to try Kalamar, but I am getting “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access /kalamar on this server.”


  2. If the question refers to the final sentence of the blog post: The IDS instance of Kalamar is currently not accessible from outside the IDS.

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