About KorAP

For the German project description, please go to the IDS project homepage.

The KorAP project was launched in 2011 at the Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) in Mannheim, Germany. Its aim is to develop an innovative corpus analysis platform to tackle the increasing demands of modern linguistic research. The platform will facilitate new linguistic findings by making it possible to manage and analyse primary data and annotations in the petabyte range, while at the same time allowing an undistorted view of the primary linguistic data, and thus fully satisfying the demands of a scientific tool.

An additional important aim of the project is to make corpus data as openly accessible as possible in light of unavoidable legal restrictions, for instance through support for distributed virtual corpora, user-defined annotations and adaptable user interfaces, as well as interfaces and sandboxes for user-supplied analysis applications.

Contact us at korap@ids-…!

The KorAP Team


Dr. Marc Kupietz <kupietz@ids-…>
Dr. Andreas Witt <witt@ids-…>

Scientific Staff:

Dr. Piotr Bański (Coordination) <banski@ids-…>
Nils Diewald <diewald@ids-…>
Elena Frick <frick@ids-…>
Michael Hanl <hanl@ids-…>

Extended project crew:

Joachim Bingel
Eliza Margaretha
Franck Bodmer
Peter Harders
Helge Stallkamp

Past Project Members:

Carsten Schnober


Cyril Belica 
Oliver Schonefeld

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