Krill – Lucene-based Search Backend released on GitHub!

A Corpusdata Retrieval Index using Lucene for Look-Ups

We are happy to announce the open source release of Krill, the Lucene-based search backend for KorAP! Krill is the reference implementation for KoralQuery, covering most of the protocols features, including …

  • Fulltext search
  • Token-based annotation search
  • Span-based annotation search
  • Distance search
  • Positional search
  • Nested queries

… and many more!

You can download Krill on GitHub – feedback and contributions are very welcome!

Switching to Lucene 3.6

The Lucene project has released version 3.6 today. Apart from some bug fixes, it provides mainly improvement in text processing. These are features from which KorAP does not profit very much. But in addition, several bugs have been fixed, full Java 7 support is introduced, and the Finite State Transducers applied for certain queries have been improved.

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