ChangeLog v1.07

A new version of KorAP is available for testing.

Changes involve:

- bug fix for password reset functions
- enable collection views to display meta information about virtual collection
- bug fix to display of meta query for newly created virtual collections
- serialization of access control policy for virtual collections
- performance enhancement for login operation
- KWIC view meta data is only displayed if available
- document id meta data entry for matches
- display statistical information about the virtual collection in information panel
- enabled CQL query language in query language menu

ChangeLog KorAP REST service

Backend service update to version 1.3; several bug fixes and updates mostly under the hood. These updates include:

  • integration of the query rewrite system for user settings (more on this issue can be found in our LREC-2014 contribution),
  • public service integration for CQL (CLARIN Infrastructure) query end point.


One substantial update concerns the import of COSMAS2 user account data. Users can now login via their COSMAS2 account credentials.

Frontend changeLog v1.05

During the course of development several issues have been resolved in the current implementation of the frontend. Here is the changeLog for the new version available under ““.

ChangeLog v1.05:

- bug fixes:
- save user query resulted in connection error
- query language was not persisted to query object upon saving
- constant request polling
- headline with query and total number of results in match view was hidden
- show total number of page results in match view
- bootstrap communication with backend service was executed per request
- annotation links in match did not line break upon page resize

- display of morphological information in a table per foundry and match
- quick search is disabled by default now (but can be enabled in KorAPPreferences)
- save current query is directly persisted to database
- predefined collections are no longer statically loaded, but integrated with the policy service. Thus, if a user does not match the available policies for the collection, the collection is not returned. The result: only accessible collections are displayed in the frontend.

KorAP alpha open for testing

The test version of KorAP is now open for IDS-internal access only, through the “demo” profile, linked right below the “Login” button, at

Please note that, for the time being, we can only serve a limited portion of DeReKo data, available to non-authenticated users. The preferred browser to use is Firefox. The frontend has also been tested with Safari. Old versions of Internet Explorer will surely not work well with it.

As you can image, at the moment we are aware of the most critical bugs, but we welcome all feedback, big and small. Bug report forms are available from inside the test version, by clicking the “Kontakt” link.


the KorAP Team

Entering the alpha-testing phase

Dear Colleagues,

We are now in the process of establishing the internal address and the way to serve KorAP within the IDS. We should be done with the relevant details in the afternoon evening.

The slides will also be published here, after we have addressed some of the issues that have appeared in the question period.

Best regards,

Piotr Banski (for the Team)

The LTC abstract

We’re happy to share the extended abstract that we have submitted for LTC-2013. We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the Organisers’ invitation to submit a related paper to a special peer-reviewed proceedings volume.

The presentation was given on the 8th of December, 2013, and the full reference is as follows:

Bański, P.; Bingel, J.; Diewald, N.; Frick, E.; Hanl, M.; Kupietz, M.; Pęzik, P.; Schnober, C. and A. Witt. 2013. KorAP: the new corpus analysis platform at IDS Mannheim. In Vetulani, Z. and H. Uszkoreit (eds). Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics. Proceedings of the 6th Language and Technology Conference. Poznań: Fundacja Uniwersytetu im. A. Mickiewicza. ISBN 978-83-932640-3-2

Preliminary Feature Freeze of the Lucene Backend

Today we reached a preliminary feature freeze of the the Lucene based backend of KorAP. We now provide a good portion of the functionality of Cosmas II, are close to fully support the Poliqarp Query Language, and introduced some quite nice novel features for corpus querying.
Although most of the missing features are already provided by the second backend (using a Neo4j graph database), implementing these features is scheduled for early next year, marking the final milestone before starting the alpha testing phase of the KorAP project.
In the next weeks we will prepare the frontend to support all new backend functionalities and start working on the distribution capabilities of the index.