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KorAP: Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are patterns describing a set of strings.

In the KorAP backend a wide range of operators is supported, but only the following are guaranteed to be stable throughout the system:


. - Any
Any symbol
() - Group
Create a group of operands
| - Alternation
Create alternative operands
[] - Character Class
Group alternative characters
\ - Escape symbol
Mark the following character to be interpreted as verbatim, when the character is special (i.e. an operator or quantifier)
".eine" Frau
"Fr(ie|eu)de" []{,3} Eierkuchen


Operands in regular expressions can be quantified, meaning they are allowed to occur consecutively a specified number of times. The following quantifieres are supported:

Match 0 or 1 times
Match 0 or more times
Match 1 or more times
Match n times
Match at least n times
Match at least n times but no more than m times
"kl?eine" Kinder